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As the Intermodal leader, BNSF Railway is committed to the international supply chain. With our mutually collaborative approach, BNSF is the ideal railroad partner for moving consumer products wherever they need to go, meeting your speed, cost and frequency requirements.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • Unmatched concentration on Intermodal, 34% higher and 1.1 million more intermodal units handled than nearest competitor
  • Continuous focus on customer needs today and into the future
  • Industry-leading capital investments – 25% higher than any other railroad in the past three years


With a network covering more than 32,000 miles, BNSF provides seamless service for our customers, exceeding supply chain requirements with the most efficient, flexible, innovative and fastest intermodal network in the world. We offer a full-range of service options that include expedited container and trailer, standard container services and temperature-controlled capabilities.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • The fastest transits to inland markets – reaching inland points in less than five days from any major West Coast port
  • 99.8% double track in Southern Transcon delivers the fastest and most reliable route to key markets
  • Seamless integration of rail, road and water transportation


BNSF has strategically positioned its resources with significant investments in railcar assets. By its control of the equipment fleet, BNSF offers more stability and enables them to seamlessly handle more volume for you.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • Largest non TTX international railcar fleet in North America
  • Flexibility to adjust for seasonal or demand changes


Intermodal's importance to North America's supply chain is undeniable, and requires an intermodal rail provider to commit to significant private investment to ensure its customers receive the best intermodal experience. BNSF's focus on intermodal has resulted in unsurpassed investments at our inland intermodal facilities. No other Class I railroad matches BNSF's intermodal investment focus and commitment.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • Unparalleled market coverage
  • 30 minutes or less trucker turn time at facilities, optimizing drayage providers performance through technology and efficient processes
  • More growth opportunities with a network that covers 98% of the U.S. population growth
  • 28 state-of-the-art intermodal facilities strategically located across the network
  • Largest rail-served logistics park facilities in North America


Capacity requires investment. BNSF’s unprecedented investments are unmatched across the industry. Our capacity was built for our customers’ intermodal growth into the future. Since 1993, BNSF has steadily added double track to the Southern Transcon, which connects the West Coast with major markets such as Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth and Kansas City.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • The largest presence in the largest market - Chicago, IL
  • Added lift capacity at Chicago, IL; Dallas-Fort Worth, TX; Kansas City, KS; Memphis, TN and Houston, TX to serve core markets
  • Access to unlimited capacity even at peak times, by working exclusively with carriers who own their own equipment


BNSF is the leader in logistics parks development, and we continue to offer the most extensive logistics parks to serve North America’s supply chain needs. The world’s leading import and export shipper brands have designed their distribution networks to maximize BNSF’s extensive network. Constructing distribution centers around BNSF logistics parks reduces transportation costs and provides a reliable and stable platform for delivering products to customers in the most efficient manner. Linking transportation requirements with real-estate planning early in the process has proven to lead to a significant reduction in total distribution center costs.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • Logistics Park Chicago – world’s largest inland intermodal facility serving the largest intermodal market in North America
  • Logistics Park Kansas City – newest and most modern logistics park. Largest facility in the Kansas City market and access to the fastest growing refrigerated and grain markets
  • Alliance (Dallas/Fort Worth) – significant new capacity added recently to serve fast growing multi-modal park, including Amazon, doubling fulfillment capabilities
  • Memphis – largest and most modern facility strategically located near the distribution centers in the Memphis markets
  • Houston – largest facility in the Houston market. Recently doubled strip track capacity and parking


Offering differentiated products and innovative solutions is a core value for BNSF. Our superior market coverage provides best-in-class service with the ability to develop new products. By collaborating with our customers, we can drive innovation, flexibility and growth potential for sustainable products.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • Only western railroad with access to all major western gateways: Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA; Oakland, CA; Seattle/Tacoma, WA and Vancouver, Canada
  • New service between Seattle/Tacoma and Portland product drives opportunities for new market development
  • Collaborative efforts for export growth across multiple commodities has driven significant private investment and largest match-to-market program in North America
  • Container yard space at BNSF intermodal terminals drives increased availability for domestic and export programs, and the flexibility to grow

Marine Terminals

BNSF is unmatched in on-dock leadership. Our strong commitment to the West Coast Ports has driven all-time record market share and customer satisfaction. Our local and dedicated staff provides on-ground knowledge and expertise to customize the right solutions for marine terminals.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • Multiple marine terminals served – the only western railroad that does
  • The highest efficiency trains moving from West Coast on docks
  • International eastbound volume moving from the West Coast


BNSF is committed to working with our customers to provide the best transportation options to meet your needs. We offer 28 state-of-the-art intermodal facilities strategically located across our network and connect with various ports, making up the industry’s largest network of intermodal hubs. Each of our intermodal hubs has different capabilities depending on traffic volume, facility footprint and services offered, giving you more choices.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • Wide-span cranes which reduces chassis costs
  • Innovative technology developed by BNSF drives ability to best manage assets
  • Our network which covers 98% of the U.S. population growth providing you with more opportunities


BNSF’s stability is backed by BNSF’s extensive resources, investments and people. As the leader in intermodal service, we offer you the most efficient and reliable service available. We are the premier expedited intermodal service in the industry, and you can count on us to keep things moving for you, now and in the future.

BNSF Offers MORE with:

  • A proven and solid platform to establish operations
  • Access to multiple inland products to customize your model
  • The reliable partner you can count on