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Finished Vehicles

As one of the most critical industries in North America, automobile manufacturers face a lot of competition. To stay ahead, companies looking for an edge turn to BNSF.

By shipping with us you can expect personalized service, on-time deliveries, logistical support and damage-free shipments. In other words, we get it there quickly and securely.

To Ship Personal Vehicles

BNSF does not ship personal vehicles.

Vehicle Manufacturer Pricing Contacts

Area Name
Rate Requests
Phone: 817-352-2270

Pricing contacts for Machinery and Oversized Equipment

BNSF offers customers the fastest multilevel performance in the industry; and we have the industry’s the lowest claims ratio in the industry, per AAR statistics.

  • BNSF provides service for finished vehicles only on designated routes. Find out where BNSF ships.
  • Personally owned or used vehicle shipments are managed through BNSF Logistics.

To Ship Personal Vehicles

BNSF does not ship personal vehicles.

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You can also see a complete list of Automotive Facility Guides.

Facilities Details

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Need to locate your distribution center near a BNSF intermodal facility?

Our Economic Development team can help you establish, expand or relocate your next distribution center or warehouse near a BNSF logistics park.


Specifications Table Diagram
Description Three decks with capacity to hold up to 24 vehicles of various sizes.

Auto-Rack Bi-Level

Auto-Rack Bi-Level
Specifications Table Diagram
Description Two decks with clearance for up to 10 larger vehicles such as pick-up trucks and SUVs

Auto-Rack Tri-Level

Auto-Rack Tri-Level
Specifications Table Diagram
Description Three decks with clearance for up to 15 smaller passenger vehicles.

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